What we do

Being differently abled doesn’t make an individual less of a human being. Each person in accordance with their rights deserves basic functions and resources such as healthcare, infrastructure, education and right to employment. According to the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act No. 28 of 1996, Sri Lanka has an undeniable responsibility to ensure the above rights.

The term disability support refers to any good or service that helps a person overcome barriers that come with having a disability. These barriers may get in the way of carrying out activities of daily living, or cultural, political and social activities and economic participation. To address the needs of this population, few organisations mostly private have come forward to provide care and assistance yet their scope has narrowed down to home nursing care or therapeutic centres.

Freedom Care SL guarantee limited (FCSL) is an innovative organization committed to bringing out the best in our clients through high-quality individualized services. Our professional team of psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists assesses and develops personal development plans for differently abled individuals and our dedicated staff implements those support plans to aid the clients to better adjust to day to day life. We believe that we have a social commitment to deliver quality services in a way that enhances independence, support rights, interests and needs of differently abled individuals. As a service provider, has the ability to provide a tailored and individualized flexible support service enables people to access their community or receive the support they require at home, or both.

Freedom Care SL is a guarantee limited organization.
We do not gain any personal profit through this service,
  We reinvest them back to provide support and care for families who cannot afford our services.

We help with

· Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  

· Down syndrome  

· Individuals with Physical Disability wheelchair/housebound)  

· Development Delays- Dyslexia and other learning difficulties   

· Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)      

· Other Behavioural Disorders  

· Dementia       

· Parkinson                                                         


Freedom Care SL Way

assess client needs and create support plans with a team of experts in the field.

deliver quality programs for individuals with specials needs.

coordinate services (occupational therapy (OT) and physiotherapy, counselling, rehabilitation, vocational and educational).

continue to monitor and document the client's progress and report.

empower – Carry out public awareness raising programs and campaigns to promote the rights of the differently abled persons.

aspire to institutionalize a quality social support system in Sri Lanka. 


Direct Support (Home nursing care and household management) 1. Personal care - feeding, showering, toileting, grooming and mobility assistance.
2. Administration of oral medication, insulin injections, ear and eye drops, creams and ointments.
3. Other; recreation, exercise, personal development, shopping, and access to the community.
Person Centered Planning 4. Design and develop client support plans addressing the needs of the clients and promote independent living skills.
Service Coordination 5. Help clients to plan their future and organise the support and services they need (occupational and physiotherapy, counselling, vocational and educational institutions)
Program Delivery 6. A holistic approach to care and wellbeing of senior citizens and persons with disability or illnesses.
7. Services delivered by a team of professional staff (experts in the field, nurses, university students – allied health science, psychology and sociology students)
8. Continuous monitoring of the progress of clients and reporting to responsible parties.
Freedom Care Pillars

In providing our services, we abide by health and human services standards;

Standard 1: Empowerment – People’s rights are promoted and upheld
Standard 2: Service Access - People’s right to access transparent, equitable and integrated services is promoted and upheld.
Standard 3: Wellbeing – People’s right to wellbeing and safety is promoted and upheld
Standard 4: Participation – People’s right to choice, decision making and to actively participate as a valued member of their chosen community is promoted and upheld.