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About Freedom Care SL guarantee limited (FCSL)

Your trusted aged and disability support care provider in Kandy....

Freedom Care SL guarantee limited is an innovative organization committed to bringing out the best in our clients through high-quality individualized services. Our professional team of psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists assesses and develops personal development plans for differently abled individuals and our dedicated staff implements those support plans to aid the clients to better adjust to day to day life. We believe that we have a social commitment to deliver quality services in a way that enhances independence, support rights, interests and needs of differently abled individuals. As a service provider, has the ability to provide a tailored and individualized flexible support service enables people to access their community or receive the support they require at home, or both.

Our Vision
An inclusive society that values the individuality and rights of all people.

Our Mission
Create a quality customized support system that enables senior citizens and differently abled individuals to lead everyday lives.

1. To provide a responsive range of support programs and services to individuals with disabilities and senior citizens thereby maximize their opportunities in community life.
2. Promote the rights of the people with disabilities and senior citizens through awareness raising programs and public campaigns.
3. Empower differently abled individuals and senior citizens through ensuring rights to choice, decision making and to actively participate as a valued member of their chosen community.
4. Systematically monitor clients’ progress and institutionalize a quality social support system in Sri Lanka.

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